• Learning Learning

    When budgets are cut, training may be difficult to afford. The BFELoB provides free training modules and panels with budget process experts, to help budget officers of all experience levels.

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  • Better Budgeting Better Budgeting

    Why reinvent the wheel? Agency contributors pooled their knowledge and resources to create solutions to common issues.

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  • Share Information Share Information

    Agencies can work more efficiently with others in their own agency or outside of it; manage large inter-agency projects; plan and host conferences; share large files across agencies, or hold online meetings to collaborate in real-time. MAX tools enable faster and easier knowledge sharing and interagency cooperation.

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  • Gather Data Gather Data

    Collecting information can be arduous, especially when it involves multiple agencies or thousands of data points. BFELoB MAX tools can help simplify the process of collecting, compiling, and publishing your agency information.

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The Budget Formulation and Execution Line of Business (BFELoB) supports the Federal budget community by examining commonalities and complexities in agency processes in order to improve business performance and reduce the cost of government.

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